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Anytime, anywhere administration of life-saving drugs

We are a different kind of pharmaceutical company.  We create breakthrough therapeutics by administering proven drugs using our convenient subcutaneous drug delivery system. For the first time 5 to 20mL of drug solution can be time-released to deliver over 30 minutes to 24 hours thanks to novel micropump technology.  The drug administration is comfortable and virtually pain-free. The disposable drug cartridge and micropump are easy to use and cost-effective. Applications range from convenient self-application at home to use in a diverse set of clinical situations.

The first product we plan to bring to market is subcutaneous furosemide, the most commonly used diuretic in the treatment for heart failure.  Current therapies include oral furosemide in tablet form for stable patients and intravenous furosemide given in the emergency room or hospital for patients with fluid overload also called decompensation. Our furosemide product was formulated specifically for subcutaneous administration to create a third option with a comparable efficacy as intravenous administration but without the need for costly and burdensome clinical services to administer the drug intravenously.

Our second product we plan to bring to market is the first cephalosporin antibiotic for subcutaneous administration. This offers a convenient and comfortable self-administration that replaces the need for daily trips to an infusion center or clinic for intravenous administration.

We expect to file the NDAs for furosemide and cephalosporin antibiotic in Q2 2015 and launch these important products in 2016.

scPharmacueticals is creating a third therapeutic treatment option. Our subcutaneous system offers a unique solution for early decompensation – effective treatment for the many patients where an increase in oral medication is insufficient to prevent hospitalization. We expect this to become the treatment of choice for the millions of patients who periodically have an increase in signs and symptoms putting them at high risk for hospitalization and death.

Our furosemide formulation has been optimized for subcutaneous administration. We expect to file our NDA no later than in Q2 2015 and launch this important product in 2016.


Many drugs currently administered intravenously are safe and effective when administered subcutaneously. The ability to slowly administer between 5 and 20mL of a drug solution subcutaneously allows treatment of a wide range of conditions more conveniently and cost-effectively.

Our solution was designed with the patient in mind. With proper instructions the patient can apply the system and initiate the therapy at home, administering drug solution volumes previously not possible. The benefits include improving their health and avoiding more costly utilization of clinic resources.

Subcutaneous administration of small volumes (between 0.5 and 1.0mL) is part of routine medical care such as for vaccinations. In rare occasions larger volumes are administered in the clinic. For a number of reasons larger volumes are often required. Until today no solution is available to conveniently and comfortably administer larger volumes – between 5 and 20mL.