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Our SCPharma Product

scPharmaceticals is creating innovative and important new therapeutic options by administering drugs subcutaneously using a convenient two component delivery system suitable for patient self-administration.

In February 2013 scPharmaceuticals was formed to continue the groundbreaking work of SpringLeaf Therapeutics, a Boston area company that started in 2007. scPharmaceuticals targets the untapped opportunity of treating patients with serious medical conditions with a convenient safe and comfortable subcutaneous administration of a drug. This is therapeutically equivalent to intravenous administration while avoiding the cost, burden and risks associated with intravenous administration.

scPharmaceuticals uses a two component micropump. This Swiss engineering marvel is a small pump that is the height of a dime and is thinner than a pencil.  It consists of two components made of materials that are commonly used in injection systems. The micropump offers several distinct advantages over other technologies – accuracy of drug delivery, use in a cost-efficient two-component system, and ability to work with all types of primary containers (containers in which the drug is stored).